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I grow super attached to people so please give me a 60 day warning before I stop existing to you.

True that.

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do u ever think about life and responsibilities and just


I have never seen such a perfect description of how I actually feel from a hockey gif. And it had to be my Canucks no less hahaha

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Being Asked About Forever

Lately the question about forever has been brought up way more times than I can really count by family and friends - and a question I am totally not 110% okay with answering…at least not yet. in this time and day, two and a half years of dating seems pretty long (Look at how long Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries lasted after 6 months of dating), coupled with the fact that my boyfriend plays major hockey for seven months of the year, we have defied quite a few expectations set by nay-sayers already. It’s been a hard road - relationships take a lot out of you. We have went through cheating accusations, puck bunny near-seductions, temptations, and arguments.Love isn’t supposed to hurt, they say, but I can honestly come out and say, it is a good thing it sometimes does because it reminds you just how good you got it before the storm. It’s a scary thought of ‘forever - of for better or for worst, I have seen him through his ups and downs and he has seen me through my best and my worst. But why am I still afraid of answering those forever questions, you ask? We are both 18 - our lives are free for us to do whatever we want with it, and firmly committed to each other, but things change. We went to a wedding this summer - of one of his friends marrying his highschool sweetheart, but we didn’t believe in commitment right off the bat. We want to be 110% sure when we get married-if it happens. Not straight out of high school and trying to do the grown-up thing right away. He is my first love, and the future is so uncertain - especially with hockey, but I take comfort in knowing at the end of the day - if there’s no hockey or opportunites anymore, we still have eachother and it does not take a piece of paper or rings to say it at 18.

reblog if hockey is your life, but you DON’T play it.

I’ve been a figure skater since I was 3 - and going on 15 years of skating now, but I love hockey almost just as much as figure skating if that’s possible

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Best Feeling in the World?

So my boyfriend & I were watching the game tonight together (unfortunately that means both of us skyping with our respective tv’s on as he’s home eight hours away from me) and we were screaming at each other and the TV with utter shock and happiness on that comeback by our Hawks! But the special moment was? When Kaner was being interviewed and was talking about the best feeling in the world was winning that Stanley cup, my boyfriend started to laugh hysterically. I tried shushing him as I tried to listen to the interview but he just kept on doing his little chuckle so I finally asked him what was wrong with him. He smiled at said,
“Babe. If I were him, I wouldn’t have said that. I can’t imagine his feelings right now, but to me, the day I looked at you, in my jersey in the stands, you being eight hours away from home, after only six months of dating, and realizing I fell way harder than I should have for that girl who walked into the wrong arena one fateful day was my best feeling in the world.”
Two years of dating later, I can still find new things to love about my usually alpha male hockey player boyfriend



I did the internal laugh while looking at the gif..until I got to the last one - the glove save. That was where I lost it and legit laughed out loud :’D!!

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Striving to keep this in mind

Striving to keep this in mind

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Is it embarrassing that I’m more stoked for the next few weeks of playoffs than for prom? Sorry not sorry. My prom date doesn’t understand my love for hockey but my boyfriend back home supports me <3 goodbye social life for a little while!!